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Intoxicated with madness i'm in love with my sadness

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“Play a melancholy song”

(Source: lamuserevoltee, via struxion)

by Masashi Wakui

storm by Robert Hensley on Flickr.
One of many recently uploaded photos of lightning bolts seen from locations around the world.
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Backyard Lightning (Explored) by csevengo on Flickr.

Ride Journal 8 por shotopopBorn, as all good things are, out of a conversation over Mexican food and Pacifico beers, The Ride is an all-encompassing read that was started in 2008, filled with personal stories form cyclists all over. Shotopop got to do the cover. Our own Shan Jiang has done the cover of The Ride Journal since the very first issue. Now at Nr 8, and more popular then ever.


Unexpected Flash